Insight into the Cost of Building a Patio

A patio is a valuable addition into your home. It provides a way for you to utilize your outdoor space while also expanding your living space. In addition, you will have the ideal spot for entertaining your guests in the summer. But before you contact builders that make patios in Perth, it is important to get an idea about the cost first. This will enable you to plan this project carefully and ensure that you can afford to build one before you take that dive.
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Factors Affecting the Cost of Building a Patio
Experts cite that there are two main factors that could impact the patios Perth prices today: 1) type of paving materials and 2) size of the patio. In fact, paving your patio is going to entail the largest chunk of your landscaping budget.
If you are looking for a low-cost material, choose concrete. The Perth patio builders you hire can make recommendations on the best materials to use depending on your budget. Hence, make your budget range known to them so they can make adjustments accordingly. If you can afford it, you can also choose stone as your paving option for your patio. It is the most expensive type of material to use for this project.
There are several categories under each material though; this could cause the total of patio prices Perth WA has today to go up or down. For example, if you choose concrete materials, you can select between a basic concrete patio and a stamped or colored concrete patio. A basic concrete patio is priced at $6 per square foot while a colored concrete patio will set you back at $20 per square foot. This is a huge price difference! Hence, you need to specify which type of concrete you would like to use on your patio to fit into your budget.
Brick paving materials for your patio is estimated to cost between $8 to $12 per square foot. Meanwhile, pavers and flagstone materials are priced at $10-$25 and $15-$30 per square foot, respectively. If you are tight on budget and want to opt for a concrete patio, you can choose the basic concrete material and add accents to the borders using stone. This will add to the aesthetic appeal without compromising on your budget.
Subgrade for the Patio
This is another aspect of building patios in Perth that will impact your construction project. It is important to prepare the soil for the area where your patio will be built on. If the subgrade is not done right, it can cause your patio to crack over time. Hence, paying a little extra money to ensure the quality of the patio subgrade is well worth the investment in the long run. In compacting the soil for the patio, it is important that any drainage issues should also be addressed at this point.
With an idea on the factors that impact the cost of building patios in Perth, you can now make a decision as to how and when to have it constructed. This is an important step to undertake before you can even plan on the design and layout for your patio.

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