Bathroom Maintenance Tips: 3 Easy Steps to Clean Your Shower Screen

Upgrading the fixtures in the house is one of the best joys a homemaker can ever experience. In the past, you probably had a shower or bathtub with a shower curtain in your bathroom. Then, you upgraded to a shower glass door with thin metal framing on all four sides or a framed shower screen. Later you thought – a frameless shower screen would certainly enhance the look of your bathroom. How about it? Shower screens have come a long way. So, if you want a sleek modern look to your bathroom, you should get frameless shower screens Gold Coast fixture stores have today installed. Click here Frameless Shower Screens Gold Coast


Frameless Shower Screens Gold Coast


This article tackles how to get your hands on this great bathroom fixture upgrade and how to maintain its beauty:

Guidelines on buying frameless shower screens

Most people who are interested to buy frameless shower screens Gold Coast shops have are now shopping online for their frameless shower screens. There is such a big range of frameless shower screens out there, but where do you start and where should you go? Here are some tips to help you find the best frameless shower screens Gold Coast has to offer today:

· You can invite some Gold Coast frameless shower screens installers into your bathroom to measure up the shower screen for a quote.

· The most efficient way is to do some rough measurements yourself to find out the size you want your shower screen to be and then call up for a shower screen quote.

· You can design your shower screen online and get a quote. All you need is a tape measure and a phone or the internet.

· If you are satisfied with the price, arrange someone to come do the final measurements and place an order with the warehouse store providing frameless shower screens Gold Coast has at the moment. This will save you time from waiting around at home for someone to come measure your shower screen.

Maintaining the shine of your frameless shower screens

Over time, substances such as soap scum, calcium deposits, and mildew can stick onto the surface of the glass. If these substances are left on the glass for too long, it will permanently stain you shower screen glass, leaving it looking old and dirty no matter how much you try to clean it. Frameless shower screens Gold Coast stores sell, unlike shower curtains, cannot be easily replaced. Which is why a weekly cleaning regime will keep your frameless shower screen looking brand new for years to come. Here are three easy steps on how to clean your frameless shower screen:

1. There are many products available from your local supermarket which remove soap scum and mold. As a non-chemical alternative, you can fill a spray bottle with white vinegar.

2. After you finish taking a shower, whilst the glass panel is still wet, spray the shower screen glass with your cleaning product. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Spray a light mist every two to three days over the shower panels after you finished taking a shower whilst the glass is still wet. This will keep the glass clean and protected against mold and soap scum buildup.

3. Squeeze some toothpaste onto a sponge or brush, and scrub around the stubborn stains. Rinse your cleaning product off the screen with cool water once you’re done. Repeat the above process as needed. Once you’re done, use a squeegee to wipe off the water beads and you’re done.

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