You made the right decision to book a holiday on the Sunshine Coast

Any anxious mind is no match to the magic of the cerulean sea. Now, are you on your way to the holiday Sunshine Coast accommodation you booked? If yes, then you will be happy to know that going to the beach gives you some unique health benefits.

holiday sunshine coast

Aside from dousing the fires of stress, right here are a few perks of taking a break at the coastline.

You get to sleep much better.

Just picture yourself booking a Sunshine Coast accommodation and resting on a cushiony queen-sized bed after a night of partying. What a luxury, yes?

Unless you’re having insomnia, a good night’s rest next to the coastline is not rare. It is also supported by science. Seemingly, sea air is rich in negative ions that enable you to take in oxygen better. This also neutralizes your serotonin levels, soothing your mind and body.

This is the reason why the majority of people can oversleep while they’re on a holiday in Sunshine Coast.

You can deal with the sniffles.

Below is another trendy feature of the coastline supported by science: it can improve your body immune system.

The University of California also made a study about the sea air and then discovered that it consists of free electrons that remove our bodies’ free radicals. This means you can battle those seasonal diseases much better if you breathe sea air more often.

Way to go if you’re planning a holiday on the Sunshine Coast with your kids!

The sunlight promotes the speedier activation of vitamin D.

Vitamin D is a vital vitamin. It helps manage calcium and phosphate, ensuring healthy and balanced bone growth. A serious absence of vitamin D might result in bone illness, just like rickets, so no matter your age or gender, guarantee to consume the advised dose.

How can the beach help you get more vitamin D?

In just about 10 minutes on the beach, your skin can generate vitamin D with the help of the sunlight. Sure, there are other methods to take up vitamin D; however, food just consists of small quantities.

As a result, if you are being short of this essential vitamin, then don’t hesitate to book an appointment in a holiday Sunshine Coast accommodation and get healthier in fun ways!

Saltwater calms dermatitis.

Good news for people who have itches all the time: saltwater, evidently, helps recover skin dermatitis quicker.

Furthermore, it can also help in reducing the signs of atopic eczema. The salt water’s salt content, which includes disinfectant properties, helps minimize the chances of infection—a usual aspect among individuals with eczema.

Therefore, in case you have eczema, do not hesitate to swim in your five-star holiday Sunshine Coast accommodation.

The beachfront is an instant mood lifter.

Possibly a few people don’t like to splash. Nevertheless, who does not enjoy the beach? And if you like it, staying in it will instantly lift your mood, right?

The power of relaxing at the coastline is the calm it offers. Whether there is a joyful ambience or a bleak sky towering above you, it just has that soothing element. The latter helps individuals with anxious personalities to be less extreme.

Likewise, as soon as you sink your feet in the sand, you’ll feel your fears disappearing.

Now, when searching for accommodation deals, check out Accom Caloundra. Nothing else provides serenity like their facilities. With their special offerings, you’ll have the best Sunshine Coast experience. Even better, you’ll reap the benefits we have mentioned above.

Visit to know more about their deals!

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Siam Paragon: a shopping paradise in Bangkok

Siam Paragon is a very popular shopping mall where you can find a host of international high end fashion brands. It also houses the largest aquarium in Asia, Cineplex, and provides a wide range of cuisines from all around the world. The location of this mall is considered as the centre of the city by many. Even after being a hub to more than 250 shops, the layout of this mall is fairly compact as compared to other malls in the city. The place is a shopping hub and a paradise for shoppers. Because of the increasing popularity of this mall, tourists prefer to stay in a hotel near Paragon. These hotels are not only affordable but also offer a very convenient location to the tourists from where they can reach any place in the city easily.

Places of importance around Siam

There are many cinema halls, bowling alleys and karaoke booths, which are very popular among the youth. Jim Thompson, a man largely known for contributing to making Thai silk famous, used to stay not far away from this mall. It is a tourist attraction which is situated down a ‘soi’ or alley near the BTS National stadium station, and it comprises of a number of antique Thai teakwood houses in lush gardens, which are beautifully restored by Jim Thompson himself. Pathum Wanaram is situated right next to the mall and is a famous spot. The Art and cultural centre is another such place, which is a hub of contemporary art, design, music, theatre and film in the city. Madam Tussauds is a wax museum which consists of statues of famous personalities and has a lot of entertainment value for the visitors.

Erawan Shrine, one of the popular places of prayer, is located near Paragon mall too. Human Body Museum is one such spot in Siam, which provides 14 dissected bodies from Japan and is an eye-opening experience for tourists.

Places near Siam, and most importantly Paragon mall, provide tourists entertainment as well as religious experiences and are among the popular places in Bangkok.

Benefits of staying in Siam.

Siam is popularly known as the centre of Bangkok and is probably the heart of the shopping district. Malls like Siam Paragon are located in this area, which is a shopper’s delight. Places of entertainment as well as historical and religious hubs are located in this locality. One can choose to stay in any hotel near Paragon which, are affordable too. Hence, it is a good place to stay in Bangkok for tourists.

Siam: a place worth a visit.

Tourists who visit a place will always try their best to enjoy as much as possible, and Siam in Bangkok is one such place where they can enjoy the most. A hotel near Paragon provides all the facilities which a tourist wants and also gives the tourist an opportunity to shop to their heart’s content. It is an entertainment, religious and recreational hub, which comprises of all kinds of elements which a visitor needs while visiting a new place.

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Leisure Hotels – a Prolific Investment

Aging is one of the biological processes that cannot be escaped. With it comes many challenges that are devastating, with the main one being dependent, especially for financial help. This is especially for people who did not make the right choices when they still had the energy and money. At this point, being a burden to society and being loathed becomes inevitable. This situation can be avoided, however, with proper investments.  Are you looking forward to investing? Do you have money lying idle in the bank and do not know what to do with it? Do you want to secure your future? Leisure hotels in Bangkok or any other place in the world is a good place to put serious consideration into and here is why.

1. Leisure and Luxury Will Always be in Demand

With the increasing urban population and growth in the weekend culture all over the globe, the working population has developed a liking for quick weekend getaways to relax. Arranging for visits to nearby destinations with good leisure hotels has become the new fad as a result. Additionally, business trips, training and even religious activities have had people visiting unfamiliar destinations. Leisure hotels tap into this gap. Furthermore, around the world, people take advantage of holidays to travel to new places. Family vacations and honeymoon destinations also always end up being somewhere in some leisure hotel. This, therefore, is an investment area that will never go out of demand.

2. Demand Exceeds Supply

There are not so many leisure hotels compared to the demand in the market. Additionally, due to the financial crisis that hit the world a couple of years back, the hotel industry was deeply affected, including the leisure hotels in Bangkok. However, since then, the global economic growth rate has been on a steady increase. Investing in the leisure hotel business now would be very prudent. With the strong demand and limited supply, room rates also increase making it a very prolific business venture. Click here for Leisure hotels in Bangkok or any other place in the world

3. Social Media and Smartphone Technology

Emergent technologies, like the rise of smartphones, have made leisure hotel business much easier. Apps have been developed where people can book rooms from their phones prior to the visit. Social media platforms like twitter and Facebook have also allowed for direct communication with the clients. Diving into this business investment now will be very smooth and easy to run with the help of technology.

4. The Returns Are High

Coupled with the high demand for supply, the consistency in demand is guaranteed, meaning profits are assured. Additionally, the profits are generally high not only because the target group is the working class but also the range of services offered demand for high rates.

When looking forward to investing in leisure hotels, the location is a fundamental factor. Leisure hotels in Bangkok, for example, are very strategic as Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the world. A good investment now will pay off in the future. Plan now and avoid being a burden to society in old age.

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Get A Private Pool Villa In Thailand To Make Your Stay Pleasurable

Planning a trip to Thailand can get even more exciting when you book the best place to stay during your vacation. It gets even better when you book a villa accommodation for your stay to be more relaxing and comfortable. Staying in a five-star hotel is nice but when you talk about comfort and convenience and a place you can call your home away from home, then villas can be your best choice when you stay in Thailand. Apart from convenience, a private pool villa in Thailand will surely make your stay memorable and pleasure-filled that you would want to go back the next year just to experience it all over again.

More Than Just Comfort

Have you ever tried sunbathing while seated in the sundeck of a villa or simply enjoy the ocean view while your family are busy swimming in the pool? If you want to experience a laid back yet fun filled vacation, staying in a private pool villa in Thailand is a good start. When you visit Thailand, do not just settle for comfort. Make sure that the experience will be memorable for you and your family.

There are a lot of villas available in Thailand that you can choose from, depending on the type of adventure you have in mind for your family. Some villas as available even on islands where the sea and sand will keep you mesmerized throughout your stay while you enjoy nature and its charming beauty right from the comfort of your villa.

Thailand is all about sea and sand, mostly, and that is why the best pick for a villa would be the one which is situated beside the sea. It would even be better if it is placed at an elevation that gives a mountain top view of the ocean, and believe it or not, there are actually such nice places in the tourist hub. Now when getting a cozy place to stay can be a challenge due to the high volume of tourists flooding the place every month, you can get a villa easily that offers all the amenities and comfort of a 5-star accommodation. In these villas, you can enjoy the comfort of your home with a dedicated kitchen, bathroom, drawing room and a master bedroom. Besides, the main attractions would be the sundeck, the lounge chairs, and if you need more, then a private pool too, making the private pool villa in Thailand a perfect place to stay and spend your luxurious vacation.

A Home Away from Home

You can cook your own food, make your own coffee, or have your own pool party at the private pool, invite someone for a dinner, and even celebrate with music as you would do at home when you feel good. You may spend hours lying on a lounge chair on the sundeck, watching the sun and the sea, and enjoy the cool sea breeze to feel the reality that you are at a nice and cosy Thai villa which offers all the comfort that only a 5-star accommodation could provide.

If you want to book a villa or if you are interested in other services and accommodation packages, you may visit They also have a gallery where you can get a sneak peek at what’s in store for you when you book a pool villa.

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Learn More About Well-Being Hotels in Bangkok

Your vacation draws close and you wonder which five-star hotel could give you the best accommodation experience during your vacation. If your destination is Thailand, you need to discover the benefits that you can get from a wellbeing hotel in Bangkok. Many travelers choose hotels based on location, service, and great restaurants that exist therein. However, when it comes to selecting a well-being hotel, it is important to look beyond the obvious. Here are some of the benefits that come with a well-being hotel.

Professional Well-Being Services

After wining and dining in your preferred hotel, it dawns on you that you need a bit of well-being services as well. At that point, you begin to think of your local gym or spa back at home. Well, with a wellbeing hotel in Bangkok, you need not worry. Well-being hotels often have a professional staff to attend to their customers when it comes to facial care, foot care, body massage. Such services are useful because they address real life issues. For example, as we age, our skin becomes less elastic as wrinkles and laughter lines begin to develop.

Professional staff in well-being hotels in Thailand can transform your appearance by giving professional full body massage, feet and hand care as well as face care.

Full Body Massage

Massage is a widely accepted service to revive the functionality and overall well-being of a person. When performed by qualified experts, it can provide a great relief to the body. One of the reasons why people go on holiday is to relax unwind and re-energize after a long session of continuous work. In Bangkok, Thailand, staying in a well-being hotel is one way to achieve this objective. It requires professionals to deliver proper quality massage. For that reason, it is important to find out whether your preferred hotel has adequate professionals to carry out the exercise.

Hand and Feet Care

Hands and feet are parts of the body that are exposed to elements that can make them age quickly. Well being hotels in Bangkok should ensure that they have professionals in hand and foot care to provide their customers with adequate services in that field. Does the hotel have enough instruments to provide quality services in this area? Most customers in need of these services look for experts in dealing with brittle nails, the rough skin around the nails, and cuticles. Performed by qualified experts in that field, customers can leave the hotel feeling healthy and vigorous.

Overall Hotel Service

Even with professional well-being services, it is still important for the hotel to embrace adequate services. A well-being hotel should have superior service including doormen that assist their customers immediately as their ride pulls up at the hotel entrance. At the reception, a happy and friendly receptionist should meet them. That kind of service paves a way for a long-term business relationship with the hotel staff and customers, making them willing to come back.

For more information about services of wellbeing hotel in Bangkok, visit

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What Makes a Great 5 Star Hotel in Sukhumvit, Bangkok?

Hotel star rating systems are globally recognised to indicate the hotel’s overall quality. However, there is no single set of standard that hotels across the globe should adhere to as each country follows its specific rating system established by the tourism organisations and government offices. A 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit, Thailand, for example, can acquire its stars through its level of service, amenities, cleanliness, location and price.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Thailand, an attractive destination for celebrities and tourists, sits on the top ten among all the nations in the world with the number of its hotels winning five star rating from several tourism magazines, shows and agencies. But winning the coveted rating is no easy feat.

Here are some of the things that make for a great 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit:

1.       Exceptional staffing levels with in-depth knowledge in all areas of the industry

2.       Excellent customer care and service

3.       All areas of the hotel must meet the highest standard in terms of cleanliness, maintenance and delivery of services

4.       Accessibility and availability of the hotel 24/7 all year round

5.       Improved services in valet parking, restaurant, reception and housekeeping

6.       Inclusion of at least one restaurant that is open to both residents and non-residents

7.       Inclusion of function rooms for special events and occasions

8.       Inclusion of permanent luxury suites

If you are planning on staying in a luxurious 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, it will be wise if you plan your vacation months ahead. That said, we have chosen one of the best luxury hotels in the city – The Continent Hotel – to give you a fun and memorable holiday.

The Continent Hotel is one of the most luxurious five star hotels not just in Bangkok but all across Thailand. Situated right in the heart of Sukhumvit, the hotel offers stunning views of the city, an easy access to elegant shopping malls, and a walking distance to the most thrilling nightlife scenes, entertainment areas and tourist attractions. Click here A 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit

You’ll experience comfort and enjoyment with the hotel’s five star services and facilities, including:

·         24-hour reception and concierge

·         24-hour maintenance and security services

·         Room service until midnight

·         Swimming pool

·         Smoking and non-smoking rooms

·         Gym

·         Daily housekeeping services

·         Laundry and dry cleaning services

·         Free Wi-Fi access

·         Internet station

·         Airport transfer

·         Secured elevated car park

·         CCTV surveillance system, smoke detectors and sprinkles

On top of that, The Continent Hotel offers a world class variety of culinary selections –  from traditional and local cuisine to international delicacy. In addition, they have two lovely dining areas, namely Medinii and Axis & Spin. Medinii is a lofty Italian restaurant incorporating an Asian twist to the flavor – perfect for fine dining with your special someone. On the other hand, Axis & Spin is a sky bar and lounge party – the ultimate relaxation venue set for cocktails and light snacks. The hotel also has an outdoor pool bar where you can enjoy the sun and sky, as well as a lobby bar and lounge where you can just sit back and relax. What more could you ask for? Contact The Continent Hotel today at 662 686 7000.

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What Every Budget Traveller Should Do When Booking a Cheap Hotel in Bangkok

As one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations, Bangkok has a well-established chain of hotels and accommodations suitable for all types of visitors with different budget needs. Don’t allow your personal finance or other priorities take a toll on your vacation, book a good budget hotel in Bangkok to experience all the fun and excitement the city has to offer without burning your pocket.

Remember, booking affordable hotels in Bangkok does not necessarily mean being provided with a poor service or an inadequate room. It may mean having the opportunity to travel while being accommodated in a well-situated, inexpensive and clean hotel while still enjoying the balance on your bank statement. If you want to stay in some of the city’s prime areas, it pays to know which budget hotel is ready to provide you with quality services, comfortable nights, and most especially convenient access to the finest tourist attractions and business centres.

Here are some tips when booking a cheap hotel in Bangkok:

Time Your Booking

Plan your booking ahead of time so you can get the best value for your money without running the risk of not getting a room at all. As much as possible, book months before the peak season so you can avail higher discounts. There are a lot of websites that you can use to check for room availability and price fluctuations all throughout the year.

Call the Hotel Directly

If you already have decided which hotel to stay at, calling the hotel directly can often result in better negotiations and rates. Since you are able to talk to the staff in real time, you have the chance to know in advance the rates that are not advertised online. You may also be advised the best time to travel so you can get the lowest rate.

Become a Member of Travel Associations

Members of popular travel associations can qualify for special rates for hotel rooms through their membership number. The membership alone can mean discounts, letting you save up to over 50% at major chains like Marriott and Sheraton.

Use Corporate Perks

While you may not know it, your employer can provide you with travel discounts. Some large corporations allow their employees to save a good deal from several hotels worldwide. Check with your human resources representative to know about this perk. However, don’t forget to make a comparison from other online travel agencies to ensure that your company rate gives you the best deal.

Choose Nasa Vegas

Situated at the city’s main downtown, Nasa Vegas Hotel is the perfect budget hotel in Bangkok, especially for the conscious travelers who want to experience luxury and comfort without breaking the bank. The hotel offers a good value for money that will truly make your stay a worthwhile one. Being a heartbeat away from everything under the city’s glorious sunshine, you get the best convenience for getting around. You can have an easy access to all of Bangkok’s leading shopping, sightseeing and business districts. The Bangkok Skytrain and Subway systems will surely let you travel throughout the city with so much ease.

For a good budget hotel in Bangkok, look no further than Nasa Vegas Hotel. Enjoy a 50% discount when you book your stay today. For more information, visit their website at

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