Moving? Get Home and Land Packages in the Right Locations

New South Wales have always been the first choice for many home buyers and sellers, first time or otherwise. Despite the risk of a market bubble, people would still want to enjoy a piece of NSW. These days, however, people are looking beyond Sydney and have set their sights on affordable Newcastle home and land packages.

Affordable Newcastle home and land packages

What is even better is that other locations in the region are seeing a boom in the real estate market. These include Jordan Springs and Oran Park. So if you’re looking to move, you might want to consider these areas in NSW.

Before you go property hunting, however, you should know what makes these areas viable as your next home. There are several factors that come into play, such as property prices, available employment, cost of living, and living conditions. Although the market changes with the times, it pays to grab an opportunity at the right time.

Choose Newcastle home and land packages because…

  • The area is considered the new boom town with huge investments in tourism, infrastructure, and transportation
  • The boom in construction and cruising could provide more jobs and opportunities in trade
  • There’s huge investment in education, with focus on innovation

But one of the things that may convince you to buy affordable Newcastle home and land packages is the fact that it is one of the cities in Australia with high-speed Wi-Fi that is available to the public.

Choose Jordan Springs house and land packages because…

  • The level of competition is low. That is, you can buy a property in the suburbs without the need to fight for it.
  • You can choose a property without the pressure or the feeling like someone is breathing down your neck.
  • The area is the perfect place to grow old in. Currently, 50% of residents are older independence. 25% are families and maturing couples, and the other 25% are maturing and established independence.
  • Transportation to neighboring areas is easily available and accessible.

Choose Oran Park house and land packages because…

  • The location is predicted to become a property hotspot in the next 10 years.
  • The number of homes to be built in the suburbs are estimated to increase.
  • Development activity in the area is predicted to continue at a strong rate.
  • Oran Park is one of the top-performing NSW suburbs and number 3 in terms of annual growth.
  • Median prices of properties are on the rise, but relatively affordable than Sydney and similar more popular locations.

Using the information above, it will be easier to choose the perfect location to move into. And when you start scouting for properties, you can narrow down your options and know what to expect, which will help you gain an edge when negotiating.

So whether you’re searching for affordable Newcastle home and land packages or new home designs NSW offers, you know where to look.

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