What Every Budget Traveller Should Do When Booking a Cheap Hotel in Bangkok

As one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations, Bangkok has a well-established chain of hotels and accommodations suitable for all types of visitors with different budget needs. Don’t allow your personal finance or other priorities take a toll on your vacation, book a good budget hotel in Bangkok to experience all the fun and excitement the city has to offer without burning your pocket.

Remember, booking affordable hotels in Bangkok does not necessarily mean being provided with a poor service or an inadequate room. It may mean having the opportunity to travel while being accommodated in a well-situated, inexpensive and clean hotel while still enjoying the balance on your bank statement. If you want to stay in some of the city’s prime areas, it pays to know which budget hotel is ready to provide you with quality services, comfortable nights, and most especially convenient access to the finest tourist attractions and business centres.

Here are some tips when booking a cheap hotel in Bangkok:

Time Your Booking

Plan your booking ahead of time so you can get the best value for your money without running the risk of not getting a room at all. As much as possible, book months before the peak season so you can avail higher discounts. There are a lot of websites that you can use to check for room availability and price fluctuations all throughout the year.

Call the Hotel Directly

If you already have decided which hotel to stay at, calling the hotel directly can often result in better negotiations and rates. Since you are able to talk to the staff in real time, you have the chance to know in advance the rates that are not advertised online. You may also be advised the best time to travel so you can get the lowest rate.

Become a Member of Travel Associations

Members of popular travel associations can qualify for special rates for hotel rooms through their membership number. The membership alone can mean discounts, letting you save up to over 50% at major chains like Marriott and Sheraton.

Use Corporate Perks

While you may not know it, your employer can provide you with travel discounts. Some large corporations allow their employees to save a good deal from several hotels worldwide. Check with your human resources representative to know about this perk. However, don’t forget to make a comparison from other online travel agencies to ensure that your company rate gives you the best deal.

Choose Nasa Vegas

Situated at the city’s main downtown, Nasa Vegas Hotel is the perfect budget hotel in Bangkok, especially for the conscious travelers who want to experience luxury and comfort without breaking the bank. The hotel offers a good value for money that will truly make your stay a worthwhile one. Being a heartbeat away from everything under the city’s glorious sunshine, you get the best convenience for getting around. You can have an easy access to all of Bangkok’s leading shopping, sightseeing and business districts. The Bangkok Skytrain and Subway systems will surely let you travel throughout the city with so much ease.

For a good budget hotel in Bangkok, look no further than Nasa Vegas Hotel. Enjoy a 50% discount when you book your stay today. For more information, visit their website at http://www.nasavegashotel.com/.